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Privacy Policy

We Take Complete Care Of Your Privacy!

Crab City gives immense importance to the privacy of the customers. With the high-standards of policy and the advanced platform, we are capable of keeping your information safe within our reach.

When do we collect your information?

By visiting our website and placing your order, you provide us some necessary information. The information such as your location, contact, address, email and other necessary pieces of information becomes important to provide services. We also ask for other details in order to provide you the benefits of our discounts, offers, and combos.

How do we use your information?

All the pieces of information that you provide us are used to ensure the quality of services. We maintain a strong relationship with our services. With your information, we try to understand your preferences and requirements to offer top-notch services. Also, the information becomes helpful in legal and regulatory needs. The services and operations get better for us and convenient for you.

When do we disclose the information?

All your personal information stays safe with us. We only share it with the internal departments to ensure the comfort and reliable services. However, your information might get shared with public officials, working under government. The disclosure to the government only happens when it is required by the law and regulation.

We never use your personal information other than the mentioned reasons. Our platform and the management team keep your information safe and protect your privacy.

If you have more questions in mind, feel free to contact us.




Wings $10.49

Lemon Pepper,Buffalo,Cajun,Sweet Chilli,BBQ,Spicy BBQ,Garlic Parmesan

Chicken Tender Basket$12.99

Chicken Tender Basket

Suburban Mix $36.99

Clams, Shrimp, Mussels, 2 Corn, 2 Potatoes

City Steak $25.49

8oz. Ribeye Steak with Fries and Seasonal Vegetables

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Sea And Shore

Cubed Steak Salad

Cubed Ribeye Steak, Onions, Bell Peppers on top of greens,tomatoes...

City Salad

Mixed Greens,Shredded, Carrots,Tomatoes and Balsamic Vinaigrette on the side...

  • Crab City Restaurant & Dessert | Seafood Restaurant Sacramento | Order Online
    seafood at this spot - very good. Very filling. I'll return family next time. Similar to a place in Denver I loved.
    Tucker H
  • Crab City Restaurant & Dessert | Seafood Restaurant Sacramento | Order Online
    Excellent place for tasty Seafood. A favorite evening place of mine. I've had nothing but enjoyable experiences here and plan to keep visiting.
    Evan Whitaker
  • Crab City Restaurant & Dessert | Seafood Restaurant Sacramento | Order Online
    Good location for Seafood. I had a brother come into town and he asked me to go back here.
    Anthony Walter
  • Crab City Restaurant & Dessert | Seafood Restaurant Sacramento | Order Online
    Great service! Delicious seafoods! The place has a very nice view of bluish to it. Highly recommended!
    Vi Riot